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Wheelie Bin Kitset

A playground activity kitset designed for variety and value for money.
The kit comes in a handy wheelie-bin with all the individual items and deflated balls inside.
Once all the inflatable items are pumped-up, the smaller items can be kept inside the wheelie-bin for easy transport, to and from the playground.
The Jumping Sacks can then be used to carry the remaining inflated balls which can be conveniently carried together with the Hula Hoops and large Moonhoppers.

Includes Qty
Tiny Hands Playballs – 100mm 4
Jazz Playballs 150mm 4
Rainbow Balls 220mm 4
Ribbed Rubber Ball – 60mm 4
Tennis Balls 10
9” Avaro Hand Pump 1
Rugby PVC Trainer Balls 2
Soccer PVC Trainer Balls 2
Netball PVC Trainer Balls 2
Volleyball PVC Trainer Balls 2
Elastics 2
Velcro Catch-ball Set 1
Hi Lo Scoop Set  (2 scoops & 1 whiffle ball) 1 Set
Jumping Sacks 4
Skipping Ropes 4
Flying Discs 4
Supahoops 50cm 6
Marker Cones 5cm 10
Wheelie Bin 1


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